For over a decade, Dairy Enterprise Services (DairyES) has been quietly working alongside some of the best dairy operations in the country. Every one of those relationships began with what we refer to as the “Frame-Up Exercise.”

This exercise begins prior to our first meeting with the client forwarding basic financial and production summary information for pre-analysis. By doing this, we can gain a foundational understanding of the business’ cost structure, production model and financial leverage.

We then follow up with an on-farm, detailed discussion with all of the business’ owners in which historical perspectives, present situations and future goals are outlined. One of the more important goals of this session is to uncover the owner’s management styles and priorities so that we can do a better job of recommending steps and actions which are more relevant to your business.

Through these first two steps, we uncover opportunities to better meet owners’ goals and capture efficiencies in various aspects of the operation including:

  • Scale efficiencies
  • Financial resources, restructuring
  • Support infrastructure (transportation, cropping, etc.)
  • Environmental resources & impact, proximity to urban areas
  • Management & labor resources

The final step is a presentation and discussion of observed operational and fiscal strengths and weaknesses of the business and an actionable set of high-level recommendations for immediate implementation.

Download DairyES – Frame-Up Intro PDF-Icon-small

Download Frame-Up Discussion Topics PDF-Icon-small


“The DairyES team is very well schooled on dairy financials, trends in the dairy industry, and knew exactly what information our lenders would want”